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Activate ABC iview on TV and Devices

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is the national broadcaster of Australia. ABC TV, formerly known as ABC1, is an Australian national public television network. It is owned and operated by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and is the flagship ABC Television network.


Activate ABC iview to enjoy a world of TV shows and movies delivered directly to your computer or mobile device anytime you want them. The complete program guide informs you what’s on, when it’s on, and where it’s on. My Programs on ABC iView can be used to organize the programs you wish to watch. You can also check out what your friends are viewing and post your thoughts on Facebook.


ABC TV offers a linkup solution “abc.net.au linktv” to watch ABC on TV at home on some selected smart TV [called compatible devices]. These Smart TVs already make the ABC TV app for download on their respective apps store. So, it makes it easy to install the ABC TV app, generate the TV activation code and link up both your free ABC TV account and your smart TV on the ABC LinkTV website on www.abc.net.au/linktv.



  • You can do the following with ABC iview:
  • Catch up on ABC’s broadcast television networks.
  • On-demand access to ABC iview debut programs and series before they air on ABC television.
  • ABC channel live streams are available to see.
  • It’s simple to use, free of advertisements, and offers a diverse choice of content appropriate for all ages, ranging from comedy to arts, drama to the news.
  • Listeners can listen to live streaming radio from hundreds of local AM and FM stations around the nation via iHeartRadio, their website, and their mobile app.
  • Listeners are exposed to a deep well of discovery not accessible on any other platform thanks to access to an ever-expanding variety of live local content paired with the world’s most popular podcasts.
  • It is a dynamic brand that offers something for everyone.



  • To finish the connecting procedure, go to abc.net.au/linktv if you already have the unique code from your TV or streaming device.To link your TV to your ABC account, follow the steps below to locate the unique code and enter it. Before you start with the process, get the following items-


  • You will need to create an account if you are not having one already.
  • A TV or device that is compatible, such as an Apple TV or a Smart TV. The list of devices that are supported may be seen here.
  • A second device, such as a smartphone or a laptop computer



  • This is the official list of ABC TV compatible devices where you can download, install, generate ABC TV code, and visit abc.net.au linktv web portal for activation.


  • Apple Smart TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Telstra TV
  • LG Smart TV.



  • Follow the steps below to link your Smart TV and your ABC TV account together using the unique ABC TV link code, abc.net.au/linktv, and this guide.


  • Open the ABC TV app on your smart TV [Please follow your Smart TV instruction to download and install the ABC TV app and open it after successful installation].
  • Navigate to “Settings” or “Account” within the ABC TV app. This can be done using the TV remote navigation button.
  • There are three options available in the App settings. Navigate to “Link Your TV” with the remote button and select it.
  • You will see the ABC TB activation code and a web URL: www.abc.net.au/linktv. Take your phone and open a browser on it. Or go to the web address on your computer or laptop web browser.abc.net.au linktv
  • Sign in to your ABC account. You can use Facebook or Google option to sign in to your new account or sign up for your ABC account if you do not have an existing account with ABC.
  • Enter the ABC activation code and select “Link Your TV and follow the instruction on the screen to activate the ABC TV app.abc.net.au linktv


For secondary devices-

  • Once you’ve located the unique code, follow the steps outlined in the On Your TV section above.


  • Go to www.abc.net.au/linktv to get started.
  • Choose LOG IN TO YOUR ABC ACCOUNT from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill up your ABC Account login information.
  • After logging in, click LINK YOUR TV and input the unique code displayed on your TV.


Conclusion:An ABC Account gives you access to additional services and enhances your ABC experience. You can customize your experience by viewing programs online, listening to podcasts and radio, or staying up to date on all of ABC’s fantastic entertainment and news. You can now watch it all by heading to ABC.net.au to activate ABC iview link that we provided above. We hope you found this post interesting!